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Paranormal Awakening




Do you want to develop your Paranormal abilities?

Develop your sixth sense?



In That Case This Course Will Guide You Along Your Way!



I have to be honest; I used to be one of those skeptic people




who didn’t believe in anything. I didn’t believe in fate and considered everything

to be a coincidence…

When people talked about Paranormal things, I just thought of it all as being nonsense.

Until I started to receive signals. Then it became inevitable for me to

acknowledge “the other world”.

When I started to develop my Paranormal Gift more and more, everyday life

started to become easier.

My self-confidence and my confidence in life started to increase.

Your Intuition will grow stronger and stronger too and eventually it will change

into Clairvoyance.

You will discover that your Sixth sense

is indeed functioning, even though you

never expected it to be!

With these exercises your Spirituality will grow fast.


You will also read about guides and Angels


in the E-Book “Paranormal Awakening”.

Are we really “gone” when we have passed away or did we just take off our


“earthly coat”?

Our loved ones often try to contact us from another dimension.


Unfortunately most of the time we miss the signs or we do not believe or recognize them…

This will all be explained!

I wish you good luck!


Maddy Kersten





  What will be discussed in this course? 



                        *   Are Paranormal abilities to be explained?



                        *   Exercise: using telepathy.



                        *   Exercises: Enter deeper into your subconscious.



                        *  Meditations: Grounding, Shielding/Protection, Colors.



                        *   Chakras en the Aura.



                        *   Pendling.



                        *   Guides and Guardian Angels.



                        *   Herbs to be used with Paranormal Activities



                        *   Dreams, messages in dreams.




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Paranormal Awakening



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 Paranormal Awakening